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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Problems, or the ZEN of selvedges

Problems?  What problems?  Just keep that fire blazing and no one gets the pit bull treatment.
I considered calling this post "Selvedges -- the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" -- I've known them all.  For me, selvedges thrive on inattention; the more I fuss the worse they get.  It's best if I just have a glass of wine and weave on . . . .

For anyone struggling with selvedges, fear not, there's plenty of wisdom out there for you.  Today we focus on the common problems of bad selvedges and broken threads.

I had an entire weekend at home this week, and other than taking a long run, knitting with a friend, and watching the Patriots spank the Bears in blizzard (the way football ought to be), I worked in my studio.  I'm weaving up my Alpaca-Silk warp with weft of deep blue Colerain Lace (merino-silk, both from WEBS).  It's a lovely combination that reminds me of bluewater sailing in Florida.  I have enough warp on for 2 scarves, and I'm thinking about a trip to Halcyon to find the second weft . . . .

Alpaca Silk in the raddle -- 22 epi.
Not bad, huh?


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  1. LOL, spanking the Bears huh, that's a very nice way of putting it and yes, it was a great game. I enjoyed every cold snowy minute of it from my quarterback arm chair! ;)
    I too have seen all selvages in all their variations and like you, I find the more I mess with them, the worse off I am. Your selvages look fantastic!
    The merino/silk looks beautiful. I've often wondered how that weaves up and now I know. Hmmmm, looks like an internet shopping moment coming on.
    And what a handsome dog keeping the hearth safe. Oh don't I know that look about Kong toys too.....pass some pets along please and those Kong toys, don't forget the treats inside.

  2. I love Webs Colrain Lace. I added the same blue to my collection when it was on sale a couple of weeks ago. And they have some new colors now that I'd like to get.

    Your selvages look awesome!

  3. Dory looks more than a little content...