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Monday, May 9, 2011

Getting started on finishing

A few years ago, before I wove, I got a book on finishing sweaters.  This was particularly funny to my husband, as I have quite a few half knit projects in the studio, and he thought the book was literally about finishing (as in getting it done, goldangit) not finishing (as in sewing seams, blocking etc).

Hemstitching in Colerain Lace and Alpaca Silk.  I think this will become a Kindle Case.
As I haven't finished much weaving lately, given my running/work hiatus, this is perhaps again an ironic topic for me.  Here are some great resources for finishing handwoven items:

General Finishing with Studio Tupla

Machine stitching with Thrums
Hemstitching and More with Thrums

Thrums:  I love this tutorial! And this will inspire you.
Some creative problem solving from Dust Bunnies
A discussion on Weavolution

Thrums:  here and here
Dust Bunnies also will impress you with her beads

Wet finishing
The definitive guide:  Laura Fry's Magic in the Water
Also from Laura Fry:  CD Weaver (here's a sample)
Jane Stafford's instructions for fulling
And some beautiful examples here and here
Sweet Georgia gives some advice
Weaving today has some ideas
and of course, Thrums.

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