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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Warping the Loom

I've been there.  You went to a weaving class, loved it, and bought a loom.  Now it's sitting there, staring at you, waiting to be warped.  My loom sat for 6 months when I first got it, because what seemed so easy in class now seemed impossible.

Today I focus on warping your loom.  There are as many ways to warp a loom as there are weavers.  Many weavers warp "back to front", and think any other way is inefficient and will cause broken threads and tangles.  They think friends don't let friends warp "front to back".  Others warp "front to back", and think those "back to fronters" are smug and uncreative.  Still others have created a hybrid method that works for them.

The challenge of warping is to find a method that is efficient, and that allows you to get your loom warped without tangle and with great tension.  The better you are at warping, the better and easier your weaving will be.

My warping board with Alpaca-Silk warp.  I have chalkboard paint behind it so I can make notes as I warp.
Before I get to resources, here's what's going on in my studio.  I still have the tencel scarf on my Louet Jane, but I'm approaching the end.  I'll do some sampling after that on my leftovers.  On my warping board, I have 6 yards of lovely grey alpaca-silk from Webs. I'm hoping to get 2 scarves out of it on my Norwood 4 shaft loom.

Now, on to resources.  If a resource focuses on back to front warping, I note it with a "BtF", if it is front to back I note it with a "FtB".

The Debate between BtF and FtB:

 Handwoven's Weaving Today had a great contest to determine which method was best!  Funny and informative.
Laura Fry's discussion of "Why I don't do FtB"

Getting your tension right:

Bonnie Tarsis' thoughts on getting your tension just right.


Peggy Osterkamp:  Weaving for Beginners:  An Illustrated Guide (BtF) -- $49.95
Peggy Osterkamp:  Warping Your Loom and Tying on New Warps (BtF) -- $39.95
Deborah Chandler:  Learning to Weave (Both) -- $24.95
Joanne Hall:  Learn to Warp Your Loom -- $20.00


Peggy Osterkamp:  Warping the Loom -- Back to Front -- $34.95 (Review of this here.)
Handwoven Editor Madelyn van der Hoogt:  Warping Your Loom (Both) -- $34.95
Deborah Chandler: Beginning Four-Harness Weaving with Deborah Chandler -- $34.95
Deborah Chander:  Introduction to Weaving -- $29.95
Sallie Guy:  Warping and Loom Preparation -- $19.95
Louet Looms, featuring Jane Stafford -- Discover the World of Weaving Looms (focuses on Louet Looms, but I found it helpful for all my weaving) -- $20.00

You Tube

Rigid Heddle Warping -- Here and here too
Louet, featuring Jane Stafford; Megado pt 1 and pt 2, Delta pt 1 and pt 2
Interweave -- Handwover Editor Madelyn van der Hoogt (Preview of the DVD listed above)
Laura Fry -- Threading


Louise French's PDF (BtF) -- $5.00
All Fiber Arts  (FtB)
Wovenspun -- for a rigid heddle loom (FtB)
Thrums (Susan Harvey) -- Warping a Louet Jane, Louet Spring, Sectional Warping, General Warping (BtF)
Dawn MacFall's use of milk jugs to help warp
Dust Bunnies Under My Loom -- Warping a Louet Spring, Louet Jane
Weaving a Life (Laura Fry) -- Sleying

Please let me know about any other resources to include here!

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  1. I just want you to know I think the idea of a chalk board behind your warping board is BRILLIANT, simply brilliant.
    I gotta get me some of that paint!