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Monday, November 22, 2010

Getting a Warp Ready for the Loom

For quite some time I've felt compelled to start a blog for some reason.  However, nothing in my life seems so interesting that I think others would really want to read all about it.  There are so many terrific blogs of weavers out there, that inspire me and make me feel like I know these people.  My weaving isn't so advanced that anyone would learn anything, and frankly my life is a bit dull!  But something I've thought might be a useful thing for us all is a guide to all the resources available for beginning weavers.

I'm not too far from a beginning weaver myself, and I'm a member of Beginning Weavers on Ravelry.  Something I've noticed is the repetitive nature of questions on this board -- How do I warp my loom?  What kind of loom should I get?  What's that thingamajiggy on my loom for?  So I thought I'd tackle some of those common questions, not with advice or instruction of my own, but with links to resources on a particular topic.  Hopefully we'll all learn from this!

The first topic is near and dear to my heart:  creating a simple warp!  Most beginning weavers want to throw a warp on their loom before they even figure out exactly what they're going to make, so we're skipping drafts and planning for now.

My personal advice is to peruse the below resources, then get yourself some yarn, get out your warping board, pour your favorite beverage, and get started.  If you have suggestions to add to this list, please let me know at jabberwarpy AT


Peggy Osterkamp:  Weaving for Beginners: An Illustrated Guide (I have this book and really like the detailed illustrations)
Peggy Osterkamp:  Winding a Warp and Using a Paddle
Deborah Chandler:  Learning to Weave (A classic)
Joanne Hall:  Learning to Warp your Loom
Madelyn van der Hoogt Warping your Loom (just out!)


Wendy Cartwright:  Weave


Tom Knisely:  A Comprehensive Guide to Warping your Loom Front to Back
Peggy Osterkamp:  Warping your Loom Back to Front
Laura Fry:  CD Weaver, book with video clips

You Tube:

Laura Fry Demo
Warping Mill Demo
Nancy Today Demo
Weaving Class with Marci Petrini 
Mandanews (uses a warping paddle)

Web Site:

All Fiber Arts
Weavolution's Claudia Segal
Louise French

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