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Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend at Webs

I spent this weekend at Webs in Northampton, Mass.  What a place.

I took a Weekend Weaving course with Carol Birtwhistle and had a great time.  A nice surprise was the number of people in the class who had Norwoods -- two others!  I never meet anyone with a Norwood.  But I guess they're out there!

We're weaving a scarf from Alpaca Silk.  Although the Alpaca Silk is beautiful, it is a bit difficult to use as a warp.  Kinda sticky in the lease sticks.  To minimize problems, we doubled strands in the cross -- less friction that way.  Most of us had Wolf Pup looms and I have to say they're cute but kind of dinky compared to my Norwood.

Webs never ceases to amaze me.  The registers were ringing away all day.  Sunday they are closed and it was like Night in the Museum -- us in a big warehouse full of yarn.  Their packers are there even on Sundays, though -- apparently yarn-lovers are doing their part for the economy!

On my loom now:  Jane has a 8/2 tencel (also Webs) on it, with an undulating twill.  This is my second warp on her and I'm just tying on.  DH finished the window seat in my Room of Contentment, so I need to get a cushion made up for it.  Looking forward to lounging on it!

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