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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Ferry is Hard Aground!

My DH and I went out to Grand Manan on Monday and Tuesday so he could go to a meeting in anticipation of the upcoming field season.  The ferry crossing over was the vomit comet, with 40 knot winds.  We came off on the 3:30 ferry yesterday.
This is an old house on the "Airline Road", rt 9 to Canada.  Must be lonely out there.
This morning we learned the ferry ran aground coming into Black's Harbor on the 7:30am trip.  No injuries, but that must have been scary!  We missed this by 15 hours!  We had actually planned to stay over on Grand Manan one more day and if we had we'd have been on that ferry.  Now the question is how are we going to get our students out there?  This could be interesting!

I am scrambling to wind warps before we go.  This one is for a leaf-green double weave scarf in 16/2 bamboo from Halcyon.  I love the spring colors!

 I'm also finishing up a pinwheel scarf in bamboo from Webs.  This is for a friend leaving our college this spring.  Autumnal, huh?  Can I get it done in time?

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