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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Have Loom, Will Travel

Greetings from the Bay of Fundy!

Last week was a frenzy of packing and prepping for our trip up to Kent Island.  The highlight, as usual, was our trip to BJs wholesale club to pick up a bulk order of food.  Ever bought $1200 of food in one trip?  On top of that a trip to the grocery ($300) and Walmart ($100); then we buy about $500 of food every week.  Feeding 20 people takes a lot of supplies!

Loom burrito and a traveling studio.

Jane (my Louet) came up riding safe and secure in our truck -- good thing because it poured buckets first thing in the morning!  I wrapped her in several layers of bubble wrap (a good investment) and then in a vinyl tablecloth -- a loom burrito!  We also took apart her stand and luckily it fit right in my work bin.  Hopefully I have all I need to be productive here on the island.  The trip is like "Planes Trains and Automobiles" -- start by leaving at an ungodly hour (5 am); drive to Bangor and turn right onto the "Airline Road".  They don't build roads like that anymore . . . .  Dodge moose, deer, and bears, then cross into Canada.  Try not to anger the border guards.  (They wanted us to post a bond because we brought so much scientific equipment, but DH talked them out of it!)  Then, it's a mere 3 boat trips and hike across the mudflats to get to Kent Island!
Walking on the ferry while cars are offloaded from the previous trip.

The stern deck of the "Black Ferry" -- an amazingly warm day on the Bay of Fundy.

The north end of Grand Manan -- looking out at the cliffs called "Seven Days Work".

Taking the old ferry, running in place of the damaged new ferry,
meant I got to photograph some of the old signs.  She's a charmer!

The harbor at Seal Cove on Grand Manan.
It's been a busy few days since we arrived -- lots of unpacking, cleaning, and organizing.  Last night I set up Jane down by the wharf, but some further cleaning will need to occur before I get out any warps.  When we say dirt here, we mean dirt.  Makes me appreciate how easy it is to clean with running water and electricity.
One load of supplies coming up from the wharf.
The cottage in the background is where I live -- it was built by
Sterling Rockefeller -- a story in and of itself.
On a last note -- I finished my pinwheel scarf in bamboo!  This was a really fun project and Ihave to say came out beautifully.  The colors were lovely and really complemented my friend's complexion.  Now to see about getting a warp on that loom with a view . . . .

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  1. Great blog post! Loved traveling with you.
    The bamboo scarf is lovely!
    Happy summer!
    Martha (also on Rav as Buttefly56)